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I’m still alive..

just preoccupied..and I have like 2 drafts..maybe. :/ No one is replying so maybe I’ve just been dropped?


Falling stars AU



Steve was trying to fall asleep, tossing and turning in his uncomfortable bed. He looked out the window, watching the stars and counting them in hopes of falling asleep. After a few moments he saw a burst of light that rocketed towards the earth. He sat up and watched it fall, a small quake forming on impact. The blond hopped up and pulled on some clothes as quickly he could, rushing outside.

He looked around, pulling his clothes tight around his frail frame as he walked out into the cold. Making his way through the street as he went to the park, pausing at the gate. “What the..” He walked over to the small crater in the grass, glancing down at the form laying there. “Are…are you alright?” He called, swallowing thickly before slowly crawling down to the other.

As a Sentinel, it was Phillip’s job to watch the humans on the Earth below but after centuries of standing by and doing nothing, he couldn’t remain there. They needed help, and even if he could only help a little, he was going to try. He gathered his strength, aiming toward the Earth.

His descent through the atmosphere burned and he cried out, his great wings burning into nothing. He couldn’t slow his descent and slammed into the ground hard. His back was raw and bleeding from the places where his wings had once been. Shiny gold dust, the particles of the universe clung to his threadbare clothes. “Who are you?” he asked, turning to look at the human who was coming toward him. He felt weak, so tired. 

Steven was small, frail, he was still young, barely 17 years old. He watched the other, a moment, shyly pulling his thin clothes around himself as the cold bit at his skin. “I..I’m Steve..Steve Rogers..Are you alright..?” He asked tentatively, reaching out to touch them. Their body was covered and surrounded by gold shimmering dust and he couldn’t help being curious. He halted though, realizing the other was nude.

"O-oh..you must be cold..I um..here.." The blond tugged off his thin coat that he had pulled on and handed it over to the other. "My house is close..if you want a place to get clothes, food.." He offered to the other, though he wasn’t really sure how to act. Was this an angel? An alien? He didn’t know what to do.





“Don’t be mad.” 

She wasn’t looked after in the traditional sense, but Natasha wasn’t about to let her friend hear about the horrors of the Red Room.  She expected Steve to be angry that she lied to him, so his calm reaction honestly shocked her. “I don’t know.” Yes she did. Zola had told Steve she was born in 1984, and she did look to be about thirty, but… “It was a long time ago.” Nat said softly. ‘I just wanted to forget it, forget him, because…” She sighed, not able to meet his eyes. “I knew him. Not just in the student teacher way but…” she cleared her throat before explaining the ‘affair’, complete with the way she’d been promised to another man, and how neither she nor the  Soldier seemed to give a damn.

Until they took him and put him in cryo. Started to mess with his head more. Wiping him, making him their puppet. 

She continued on with the more ‘important’ part of what she knew. Fighting styles, favored techniques and weaknesses she’d encountered in the Winter Soldier. Including the most important one. ”He didn’t kill me.” Natasha finally looked up at Steve, her eyes shining slightly with tears. “He didn’t kill me twice, and he didn’t kill you, either.” Which meant only on thing to her. “If we can make him remember us, remember what we both meant to him in the past, maybe we have a chance at getting him back.”

Steve listened quietly, though anger bubbled inside him. He was mad she lied, that this was kept from him. This whole time she knew exactly who he was, knew his weaknesses, everything. It could have helped him so much sooner. He scrubbed a hand over his face and let out a soft sigh, shaking his head. “I see..” Was all he managed out, disappointment clear in his tone, but he got over it quickly, giving the woman a nod. “Fine then..I understand, kind of..” He said softly, looking up at Natasha as she then continued.

It was true that the man hadn’t killed him. But why him? He didn’t know who this man was, had he known him? The captain grabbed the folder, flipping it open and glancing over the information, searching for clues. “Why wouldn’t he kill me..Natasha, who is he..?” He asked urgently. There were no photos of his face in this file and it was bothering him to no end that the winter soldier hadn’t killed him. “I think you’re right though…if we can get him to remember you..maybe we can correct his memory..” He added, giving an absent nod.

Some Days You Just Regret Waking Up (Closed - Steeb)



 Steven was sitting at his usual table, doodling quietly as he listened to the passerby’s. He had a few portraits of people he had seen walk by or sitting at the cafe. He was enjoying one of his days off, now that SHIELD was practically destroyed and even the Avengers were falling apart. No one had heard from Barton or Romanoff in a while and Tony had destroyed his suits. Banner was MIA since New York, and Thor was in Asgard. Sam was around but his wings were totaled.

The captain had spent a few months searching for Bucky, to no avail. He was taking a break, raking his brain for possibilities. He let out a small sigh, setting his pencil down as he looked up at the tall buildings, admiring the architecture.

He jumped when he heard his name, glancing at the young man standing in front of him. “Yes?” He asked tentatively, eying the other suspiciously. They knew him by name and he didn’t think that he had ever met them before. Steve usually was quite cautious of meetings like this. “Do you need something?” He ask calmly.

Nat sighed, pulling out a folder from the bag at his side. He laid it on the table and slid it forward. Then he stepped back, and hesitated. How would he even breach the subject. The folder he had placed in front of Steve was new intelligence on there whereabouts of Barnes. Intel he had dug up himself. Photos, references, everything.

"You’re not going to believe this …" He started lamely, pulling into himself. He stood there for a moment, hesitant, before growling at himself. He straightened himself and sat in the other chair at the table. 

"Rogers. Look. That’s up to date, as much as I could get it. HYDRA’s after him too, they’re not gone. Not completely. They didn’t like me getting too close, I ran into one of their experimental weapons. It … changed me. It’s me. It’s Natasha." He finished, reaching over to flip open the folder and expose the first page.

"If you want to get to him before HYDRA, we’re going to have to move. Tonight." He let the statement that he would be going with Steve lay open. He wasn’t going to let Steve refuse him.

Steve blinked up at the boy, confused as he pulled the file out of his bag. He stared at the cover, his heart rate picking up as he stared at the title, knew what these were. But where was Natasha? Before he had a chance to speak, the man finally spoke up to explain himself. It startled him that he knew so much. He only discussed this with Sam and Natasha, so how did he kn- What?

The soldier’s eyes widened and he stared at the other in shock, hesitating before shaking his head. “W-what? No..that..how?” He asked, more demanding to know. It was pretty unbelievable even for everything he had been through, but he supposed that it might be possible.

"Natasha.." He murmured softly, suddenly more concerned for her, his, well-being. "But this will be dangerous. I..I.." He trailed off as he noted the man’s expression, causing Steve to shy away. "Fine..but we need to plan this out then.." He said quietly, so no one else would overhear him as he collected his books and the file. "Let’s go to Stark Tower and talk privately." He added, already starting to walk away.

Training from Hell



Steve had planned this training personally, preparing everyone for an upcoming mission. He was confident in his team and was sure they could handle it. He made sure to program it into the simulator before going to find his comrades. It didn’t take long to send Tony and Natasha along, Hulk was all too eager to smash some things, Thor was in Asgard.

"Clint!" Steve called out, having already checked his quarters. "Time to train, lets move it." He called out, crossing his arms over his chest and waiting for the other to show himself. "You can blow things up? Come on." He shrugged softly, looking around for the man. "We need you, Hawkeye."

The Captain had them up at the buttcrack of dawn to do some training, or at least the other team members, the archer knew better and climbed up in vents to avoid him until he fell like rolling out of his makeshift nest.

Hearing his name, Clint rolled over and pulled the covers over his head, “Go away..” he grumbled from the vents. He’d get down to training soon enough, but too many people training at once was annoying and not how he really like to train. Knocking out the vent, Barton hung out of it a little, “Steve it’s too early.”

Steve placed his hands on his hips much like a scolding mother as the man refused to show himself. “Clint!” He growled, looking around as he tracked down his voice. When the man finally showed himself he rose a brow, glaring at the other.”Early bird catches the worm.” He smirked as he teased the man, nodding his head in the direction of the combat room. “Let’s get a move on, Hawkeye.”

He added and then threw his shield to hit the venting tube, causing it to vibrate with the clank. “Don’t make me tell Jarvis to turn the heater on.” The captain wasn’t serious, but he decided that leaving the statement hanging would be more fun.




the most ignored piece of information on tumbler dot com

this is:

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the most ignored piece of information on tumbler dot com


this is:

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doughnut day is a good day friends it celebrates the giving of doughnuts to soldiers during the world wars (it started in wwi), and is always celebrated on the first friday of june, which happens to be d-day this year.

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The first Friday of June is national Doughnut Day. Which was created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the men and women who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I, and it unfortunately has coincided with D Day this year. So while this is still inappropriate it was not just something that Tumblr staff made up on their own.



It’s inappropriate and disrespectful.

And they made up the sayings, and that’s enough for me.

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